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Boxsets and omnibuses are 3D graphics often used for multiple eBooks combined into a collection for sale. Below are some samples of boxsets we've created. Boxsets can be made with either one of the existing covers of the series with modified text, or with an entirely new cover for the collection. See below for examples.


$50 using existing artwork

In these samples, the art from one of the existing covers in the series was used and repurposed. Colors changed, cropping altered, etc. This can help to freshen up the design so it isn't a carbon copy of the book, while saving time and money for the author. Please note, this can only be done if Sleepy Fox Studio created your original book cover design.

BOXSET + New cover

$50 + the cost of applicable cover package

Most people want a simple and affordable boxset graphic. But, for some, they want to target new audiences with their collection and so have a whole new cover designed specifically for it in an attempt to draw in new readers who might have passed by the original books. Because this is creating a new cover like we would for any new book, the cost is going to be that of any normal eBook package (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) depending on your genre.