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Delivered as a .png with a transparent background (with the exception of renders that contain a background) and a .jpg at least 3000 pixels on the shortest side. Also includes, where needed, digital painting to give you the best final result. Due to complexity and detail requested, this price may vary. A quote will be sent prior to work beginning.


human - $50

fantasy/alien - $50-$100
Character as viewed from the chest, up. Ideal for character sheets, character cards, and VTT tokens. 


modern day - $75

fantasy/sci-fi - $100-150

Ideal for showing off your full character, including outfit, weapons, and racial features such as tails and horns. 

For complex designs, including detailed props, tattoos, settings, etc.

ADDITIONAL POSES - 50% of original cost

For the same character but in different poses, e.g. standing, sitting.

Additional angles - 25% of original cost

For the same character + pose but from different camera angles, e.g. front, back, and side shots to showcase a 360 view.

BACKGROUNDS - varies by complexity


Tasteful NSFW/nudity, pinups, tokens, character sheets, fantasy races (Twi'lek, Umbaran, Werewolves, Tabaxi, etc.)


Mecha, anything inappropriate  pertaining to minors or animals, hardcore NSFW. Any projects that can be construed as racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-Semitic, culturally appropriative, or otherwise tasteless and offensive will be declined.