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Formatting is one of those things many authors fight their way through, as it's one of the few indie-publishing tasks they can learn to do themselves. But for many, it's a time-suck...time that could be better spent writing their next book. Sleepy Fox Studio strives to provide you with clean, crisp, professional book interiors at an affordable price and with a quick turnaround.


ebook only - $125

print only - $175

ebook + print - $250

manuscripts over 200,000-words: +$50 for every extra 100,000 words

alternate versions (such as large print): +$75

prices include:

ePub file for digital distributors

pdf file for print distributors

one (1) custom scene break divider

one (1) custom chapter header image
three (3) revision rounds if needed

additional chapter headers: $5+ per image

2-page spreads: $10+ per spread

Prices above are based on images in question being modified stock. Should the author want fully custom illustrations, pricing can be discussed. Formatting for eBook is done in Atticus. Formatting for print is done in Adobe InDesign.


This budget-friendly package is for those who don't want anything fancy or special, they just want their book formatted to look clean without the bells and whistles. This option includes print and epub, and a single revision round to remedy for any errors. Formatting for eBook and print are done with Atticus.

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