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Utilizing manipulated stock: $50 - $100

  • Includes everything you see in the branding package

  • Cannot be copyrighted as the copyright of the stock images remains with the original creator; we're only licensing the right to use it, just as with stock photos on covers. (Honestly, most people don't bother copyrighting their logo unless they're making hundreds of thousands and are worried about infringement.)


Custom illustrated: $100 - $250

  • Includes everything you see in the branding package

  • While fonts can't be copyrighted, you can copyright the image itself. This fee includes me transferring full and complete copyright over to you, meaning you can do whatever you want with it, up to and including editing it, redistributing it, whatever you please. It's 100% yours. All I ask is that I be permitted to display it in my portfolio.


Branding package add-on: +$100

  • a "full size" version of the logo, usually including text such as the author's name

  • 1-2 "condensed" versions, usually for social media, and another better suited for small media such as business cards, book spines, interior formatting, etc.

  • a breakdown of all colors and fonts used in a single handy .pdf file for future branding use

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