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SFS Premade cover terms of service

This is a copy of the premade terms and conditions attached to the premade shop. Buyers check off on these terms when purchasing.


By purchasing, Client agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Designer verifies they have obtained all proper rights and licenses for any fonts, images, or other third-party assets used in the Work.

Designer retains copyright to the completed artwork (similar to buying a painting: you own the painting and can display it however you wish but the artist retains the copyright). Designer retains the right to display the work in her online portfolio(s), on social media, or as a printed work for promotional purposes.

Client has the exclusive license to use the final cover design (.pdf, .jpg, or other publishing-ready format) for their book cover and associated promotional materials. Client is responsible for following the licensing rules of the images and fonts used. Designer is not liable for Client misuse.

You may not use Sleepy Fox Studio designs, in whole or in part, or as part of a derivative work, to create or sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of any kind.

For projects that do not contain stock photograph (such as those in the Platinum Package), Client may discuss purchasing full exclusive copyright from Designer. This would grant Client unrestricted rights to alter, redistribute, edit, or re-sell the design. Designer would request only to retain the right to display the work in her portfolio. Fees vary depending on scope of rights being transferred. For more information on copyright transfer regarding book covers, check out this informative article from Creative Law Center.

Please credit Sleepy Fox Studio somewhere within your book, such as on the copyright page, or on the back cover itself. Links should direct to

Purchasing does not grant Client access to any raw files (such as .psds) used to create the Project. If Client feels they need the flattened artwork with separate text, this can be supplied for a fee.

Clients may not, without prior consent from Designer, "cut out" sections of their covers for use on future covers or other work unrelated to the book it was designed for. When in doubt, please ask first.

Information supplied via this website will never be sold or supplied to outside sources. It is only for use by Designer for the purpose of communication for Client's project.

Designer guarantees to keep all premade files for which the author has not yet received final files for a minimum of ten (10) years. After final files have been delivered, Designer guarantees to keep all working files for four (4) years. Should a file become lost or damaged, Designer will recreate the file at no cost to the Client.

All premade covers are purchased as-is. Text will be updated when Client supplies Designer with their chosen title, author name, tagline, etc., at which point final files will be delivered. No alterations will be made to the artwork without agreement prior to purchasing and may inquire an additional fee.

Designer reserves the right to display Client's finished cover in their portfolio and on social media sites at their discretion, however, they will grant Client appropriate time for the public reveal of said cover. After six (6) months, if the cover has not been made public, Designer reserves the right to post in their portfolio.

Designer reserves the right to display any version of the cover that was created during the process if they feel it is a better representation of their skills and work than the final product.

Designer reserves the right to take any discarded concepts that differ from the final product and reuse them at a later time, either for another client or as a pre-made cover.

Any stock images used are purchased a standard license as listed below. A Standard License permits use on eBook and print book covers, as well as promotional materials such as business cards or bookmarks (which fall under the "unusual size business card" category, and must contain promotional information, not just artwork). Standard Licenses DO NOT COVER things such as physical products i.e. mugs, t-shirts, stickers, tote bags, etc. intended for resale and distribution. Client will need to purchase an Extended License for this usage.

A Standard License covers printed books up to a total of 500,000 units printed. If Client finds their sales exceed that number, an extended license will need to be purchased.

Client is responsible for following all licensing terms of all stock photography. Designer is not liable for Client misuse.

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