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3D renders

for designers

While we also offer more detailed, in-depth renders for authors to showcase their characters, we also know a lot of other designers out there need renders, too! And that these renders don't need to be as detailed, nit-picky, or polished because the designer can do that themselves. Sometimes, you just need a good base or something you can't find stock photos of!

You can also check out the 3D render shop!

Please go here if you're looking for

highly detailed character renders.


Need something custom for a client project? Want to make sure your poses and models stay consistent across a series? Or maybe you need a specific prop at a certain angle and don't want to have the hassle of cutting out stock. This option is for you! The prices below include a high-resolution render as a .jpg at least 2000 pixels on the shortest side. Due to complexity and detail requested, this price may vary. A quote will be sent prior to any work beginning. 

​BASE CHARACTER - human, no hair; default expression, simple clothing: $25

HEAD - expression, hair, facial features to specification: +$20

COMPLEX EXTRAS - detailed outfits, kit-bashing, custom-made weapons, etc.: +$15 and up

BACKGROUNDS - $10+ - varies by complexity

ADDITIONAL POSES - same model and assets in different poses: +50% of original cost

ODDS & ENDS - solo items, objects, wings, hair, props, etc.: $15+

FANTASY CREATURES - varies by complexity

to order, please e-mail details, including any deadlines,


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