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Need something custom for a client project? Want to make sure your poses and models stay consistent across a series? Or maybe you need a specific prop at a certain angle and don't want to have the hassle of cutting out stock. This option is for you! The prices below include a high-resolution render as a .jpg at least 2000 pixels on the shortest side. Due to complexity and detail requested, this price may vary. A quote will be sent prior to any work beginning. 

​BASE CHARACTER - human, no hair; default expression, simple clothing: $25

HEAD - expression, hair, facial features to specification: +$15

COMPLEX EXTRAS - detailed outfits, kit-bashing, custom-made weapons, etc.: +$15 and up

BACKGROUNDS - varies by complexity

ADDITIONAL POSES - same model and assets in different poses: +$10-$25

ODDS & ENDS - solo items, objects, wings, hair, props, etc.: $15+

FANTASY CREATURES - varies by complexity

to order, please e-mail details, including any deadlines,


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