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sensitivity reading

$.0025/word (SELECT READER)



beta reading

$.0050/word (kelley only)


$.0065/WORD (kelley only)



Kelley and Remy are offering their services and emotional labor for sensitivity reading.

You can select one or both for your read-through. 

remy's subjects

  • Remy (she/they) is a genderfluid lesbian

  • ADHD

  • anxiety

  • autoimmune disorders (Fibromyalgia)

  • auditory & visual hallucinations

  • bipolar disorder

  • borderline personality disorder

  • cPTSD

  • depression

  • domestic abuse

  • eating disorders

  • familial substance abuse

  • growing up in an abusive household

  • intrusive thoughts

  • OCD

  • religious trauma (pentecostal/southern baptist)

  • self-harm

  • sexual abuse (as a minor & adult, & incestual)

  • suicidal ideation



  • Kelley (she/her) is a cis bisexual woman

  • autoimmune disorders (hypothyroidism and Fibromyalgia)

  • agoraphobia with panic disorder (minor)

  • anxiety

  • bullying

  • domestic abuse

  • executive dysfunction

  • extreme weight loss

  • family with Alzheimer's

  • major depressive disorder

  • self-harm

  • sensory difficulties

  • sexual abuse (as a minor)

Kelley's beta reading will provide feedback on the story as a whole, such as plot, pacing, characters, and the occasional line edit and typo correction when she sees them. For a decreased rate, she'll do a sensitivity read at the same time.



Clients can request Kelley or Remy (or both!) for sensitivity reads. Only Kelley provides beta reading, which serves as a light developmental edit. Sensitivity reading not only includes the act of reading and picking out potentially harmful wording and plot points, but will also include suggestions on how to remedy these problems. Kelley and Remy are happy to answer questions on these topics to assist the author in their research.


50% payment is required upfront, with the other 50% due upon completion and before final files will be delivered. Client and Reader will sign a nondisclosure contract ensuring confidentiality—Kelley and Remy will never discuss your project with anyone else, in part or in whole, or otherwise disclose any of your ideas in any shape or form.

Turnaround timeframes and scheduling can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

please email to discuss and receive a free quote.

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