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client reviews & testimonials

“Working with Kelley has been a fresh air. When other artists turned me down saying my cover ideas would never work out Kelley took those idea and melded them with her own giving me covers that I practically cried over. 1000/10 would work with her again in a heartbeat. 3 covers down so far with another appointment in March. She’s truly a gem.”– Storie Devereux

“Kelley is great to work with. Good communication and wonderful cover designs.” – Colette Davison


“Sleepy Fox Studio's Kelley York is a breeze and a delight to work with--she's got her finger on the beat of multiple genres, is great at intuiting what I am looking for in a cover and understands how to work with fellow creatives who've got a vision but no talent for design themselves. She's helped revitalize several of my older backlist titles and helped me launch a brand-new pen name with style and flair. Her premades are as stellar as her custom work, and her willingness to reboot to start when a design doesn't vibe is another selling point for me. Dedication, knowledge, skill, and the ability to work that all into a work of art that sells books at first glance makes Kelley and Sleepy Fox Studio an absolute go-to partner in the self-publishing industry.” – SJ Himes/Sheena Jolie


“Kelley is a delight to work with and has created some of the most beautiful covers for me and other authors in my genre. My book, The Gentleman Attraction, receives constant attention and praise each time I'm at a book signing. I highly recommend Sleepy Fox Studio to anyone who needs a professionally made cover at an affordable price.” – Connor Peterson


“Sleepy Fox Studio is my go-to cover designer for most of my covers. My first time ordering a custom cover was with them, actually. I did not know what I was doing, and I really didn’t understand genre expectations, but thankfully she did. I got a cover that not only my readers love but I love as well! Thanks to their professional and wonderful personality, I have been a repeat customer for over two years. I even take the time to recommend them to other authors in my genre! Along with creating brilliant covers, they are fantastic to work with on merch items as well. Several of the items they put together for me were a hit during my Kickstarter!” – Iris Leigh


Kelley has designed covers for me in genres ranging from contemporary romance, middle grade fantasy, urban fantasy, to historical fiction and given a unique look and approach to every single cover.  

Over the years we’ve worked together, I’ve only seen Kelley’s skills grow and advance, and she’s always eager for a challenging concept or a quirky project. 

I trust Kelley with all of my covers and she is always my first choice when it comes to my books and pennames.” — K Morris, USA Today Bestselling Author &Publisher FireHive Media


“If you are looking for someone to come up with a cover design that inspires you to create magic, then Kelley is there for you. Or maybe you have an idea that needs someone to tease out the things that will make your cover perfect, then look no further. We can see the breadth of her capabilities in both custom and pre-made covers. They make you want to write faster, find the perfect pairing that meets the design. Easy to work with and quick to respond, Sleepy Fox Studio is the place you want to visit.” — JP Sayle


“My first experience working with Kelley was amazing—she jumped in to do some emergency formatting
for me and thereby saved me from having to push my released date back. The turnaround is generally
quicker than expected, and it is always good to have someone on your team who will tell you about
pitfalls you may not be aware of. Her experience in the publishing industry, on both sides, shows, and I
wouldn’t want to miss that.” — Alexa Piper

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